January 3, 2011

Movimiento Acuario is now The Succulent Seer

Four years ago, when I began preparing for our move to Mexico, I began blog called Movimient Acuario.  It was on my yahoo account (pre-gmail).  Now, in 2011, I've had enough of Yahoo.  It was almost fine with me that they had changed their blog URL more than 3 times in the last 4 years...but the two things I couldn't handle were 1) there was no one URL linking to an index of my blog, but rather, every new post had a specific URL.  Which meant I'd have to share that new URL every time I posted.  Quite annoying.  2) The next thing was that anytime you tried to go to the profile, or to the help desk, the page would never pull up.  So I got fed up.  And I am now here on Blogger as "The Succulent Seer."  I hope you enjoy reading up on what's happening with me here in the Altiplano of Central Mexico.  I give you fair warning, my topics can range widely from cacti to conservation to contemplation of motherhood to cultural conundrums in a foreign land to cynicism on politics. No, I didn't plan for that to be an alphabetical list.

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