April 28, 2011

Exciting News: AmorandExile.com Goes Live

It's been many years in the making...but I am finally going public and sharing the story behind my move to Mexico with my husband Margarito in the book Amor and Exile—ours is one of several couples' profiled by my coauthor and friend, journalist Nathaniel Hoffman—I'll be contributing several chapters in 1st person. You can find more information about the book, its coauthors, and related stories and links on amorandexile.com, which we're publicly unveiling today!  Looking forward to your feedback!
I began blogging about our impending move in the summer of 2006- chronicled here in the Succulent Seer archives. That said, I first envisioned a memoir book project as early as 2007...around the same time my colleague Nathaniel developed a strong interest in chronicling the stories of other couples in similar situations as ours. Now, Nathaniel and I are committed to creating a powerful journalistic and first-hand treatment of the situation that thousands of couples find themselves in America and abroad- a difficulty (sometimes impossibility) in adjusting the status of the undocumented partner despite the other partner's American citizenship.  
I am very excited about this collaboration and the continued writing process—after all, we have only just begun! Although Succulent Seer will continue to be my personal blog, there will definitely be some cross-pollination between the two sites- I'll have periodic updates about the book project here, and you can also find Amor and Exile on Facebook, where you can follow our latest happenings and comments from others involved in the project.

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