May 16, 2013

Amor and Exile's Launch | Send Amor and Exile to Washington

It's exciting to find out that some dreams do come true. A vision to tell a story about migration is being made possible, by divining with the creative spirit within, a lot of hard collaborative work with my coauthor Nathaniel Hoffman, an excellent technical support crew, die-hard fans and advocates, and now, an outpouring of support from the community. Amor and Exile is being born at this very moment.

Our initial campaign started this past weekend on Indiegogo. It's called "Send Amor and Exile to Washington." You can help us launch our book and ensure that Congress hears about American families divided and exiled by U.S. immigration law. Send a copy of the new book, Amor and Exile, to Washington with our IndieGoGo campaign: Be sure to watch the video, it features yours truly and my coauthor Nate. :)

Thanks to all our contributors in the first five days, we've reached 50% of our campaign goal and have raised enough to send enough books to all 100 Senators—but we need help with the rest of Congress!

Here's the summary of the book from the back cover:
Across the United States, American citizens are forced underground, exiled abroad and separated from their spouses for a surprising reason. Amor and Exile is the story of American citizens—including Veronica, Ben, J.W., and Nicole—who fall in love with undocumented immigrants only to find themselves trapped in a legal labyrinth, stymied by their country’s de facto exclusion of their partners. Journalist Nathaniel Hoffman visited both sides of the border to document the lives of these couples caught in the crossfire of America’s high stakes political fight over immigration. In his disarming and precise style, Hoffman also traces the historical relationship between immigration, love and marriage. Lending an authentic voice to Amor and Exile, coauthor Nicole Salgado delivers a searing first-person account of life in the U.S. with her husband while he was undocumented, her tortured decision to leave the country with him, and their seven years of exile and starting over together in Mexico. Amor and Exile tells of love that transcends borders—a story shared by hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens—cutting through the immigration debate rhetoric and providing a courageous perspective for one of the most vexing policy problems of our time.

I'm not one to brag much, but I'm pretty excited about the initial critical feedback we've been getting from some fairly big names in immigration/civil liberties journalism. You can read it here. Thanks to all our supporters...we're really excited to see our several years of writing come to fruition!

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